Special Radio Frequency Regulations

Licensed Frequences


Auburn University must honor and uphold all FCC regulations regarding the use of radio frequencies during the competition.  Most common wireless communication devices make use of "unregulated frequencies", but some products do use restricted commercial frequencies that must be licensed. 

If your team plans to make use of licensed frequencies, be sure to have a copy of your valid FCC license.

The event organizers reserve the right to (and will) authoritatively resolve any problematic radio frequency conflicts, and failure to produce a required license is likely to result in your inability to make use of those frequencies for the duration of the competition.


Frequencies Reserved for the Organizers


The following (licensed) UHF frequencies are reserved for the exclusive use of the event coordination staff and organizers:

  • 464.500   MHz
  • 464.550   MHz
  • 469.500   MHz
  • 469.550   MHz
  • 467.850   MHz
  • 467.900   MHz
Use of Wireless Equipment


We ask that any teams planning on using wireless equipment operating on the following frequencies notify us via email (mike.zieman <at> bajasae.net) so we can ensure that your use of this at competition will not adversely affect the systems being used to manage the competition:

  • 430-470  MHz
  • 903.8-926.3  MHz
  • 1.080-1.280  GHz
  • -2.4  GHz
  • 5.8 GHz

If your team does make use of these frequencies and it negatively impacts our event management network, you will be required to discontinue use of such devices!  However, if you let us know ahead of time we can likely work around any problems.

Thanks for your consideration, and for helping the event run smoothly by your observation of these policies.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at mike.zieman <at> bajasae.net

-Technology Crew
BajaSAE Auburn